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About Us

Once in a blue moon, you find a play that transforms your life, makes you want to change the world, find the lover you lost on the boardwalk 20 years ago, feel outrage for the underdogs of the world, jump up and down with joy, wish you had been kinder to your sister, laugh until your sides ache. May you find that play on Blue Moon Plays. Our comedies and dramas reach all audiences from high school seniors to seniors who are retired but ready to rumble. Our dramas open up contemporary issues: prejudice, ecology, violence; Our comedies, we hope, are laughable but prick us where we hurt. There are more blue moons out there in the sky than one would think.

Blue Moon Plays plans too be home to the new and unusual in theater.  We want to represent plays, particularly by new and emerging playwrights,that tackle the stage and theatrical concepts in new and different ways.  We play to combine the services of the agent and the publisher by establishing a new relationship with playwrights; in fact, we see ourselves, when it comes to new and as-yet unproduced plays--or plays which have not found the audience they deserve--as more of a broker than a publisher.  We are looking for hot topics and off-the-wall staging to give theaters. especially educational, community, and semi-professional theaters-- the opportunity to bring their audiences a memorable blue-moon experience.
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From a production of Screwtapes Rewired:  Gillette Elvgren's response to C. S. Lewis' The ScrewTape Letters.
Dickens, Chrismtas Carol, short Christmas Carol, comedy, Christmas comedy

D. D. Delaney performing a tour-de-force Scrooge
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