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Adaptation of Moliere's THE HYPOCHONDRIAC: a One-Act (45-minute) Comedy for Youth

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The Hypochondriac
 adapted by George Freek

Human nature is revealed and pilloried in this one-hour comedy skewering the medical profession, a narcissistic patient, and his conniving wife.  

Argand, stuffs himself with medicine and surrounds himself with medical experts. Convinced of his own imaginary ill but not wanting to pay the bills incurred by his delusion, he wants his daughter Angélique to marry a grotesque doctor, Thomas Diaforus, although she is in love with Cléante.  Will love prevail, in spite of the manipulations of Armand's wife?  A satirical characature on the practice of medicine, The Hypochondriac (also known as The Imaginary Invalid) is as germane today as it was in Moliere's France. 

​(RT: 45 - 60 minutes; 7M, 4F)


ARGAN, A Hypochondriac, 50
BELINE, His Second Wife, 30s
ANGELIQUE,  His Daughter, 20s, in love with Cleante
LOUISON, His Younger Daughter, 18
BERALDE,   His Brother, 40
CLEANTE,  20sIn love with Angelique
THOMAS DIAFOIRUS,  His son, 20s, A Medical Student
MONSIEUR PURGON,  Another Doctor, 30
TOINETTE Beline’s Maid, 20s

ARGAN: A daughter with any decent feelings should be willing to marry someone who can be useful to her father.

TOINETTE: I’m giving you some friendly advice, Master. Forget about this marriage.

ARGAN: And why should I do that?

TOINETTE: Because your daughter will never consent to it!

ARGAN: My daughter won’t consent to it?

TOINETTE: She’ll never agree to it.

ARGAN: But I’ve already agreed to it. And aside from the obvious advantage, Thomas is Monsieur Diafoirus’s sole heir, and he’s worth a couple hundred thousand a year!

TOINETTE: He must have killed a lot of patients to be worth that much.

ARGAN: I am determined she shall be Mrs. Diafoirus.

TOINETTE: She won’t do it.

ARGAN: She will or I’ll put her in a convent.

Moliere, adaptation of Moliere, comedy, satire, farce
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