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Plays With Music for Kids

Plays With Music for Adults

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Musicals for Kids and Family

Talk: The Musical (40 minutes; 1W; 1M; 11M/F doubling possible.)  In Mogambo, all creatures and animals talk once a year; this year, they are fighting their environment for their lives.  Book and Lyrics by Lori Myers; Music by Nick Wilders.

Cinderella:Boots, Class, and a Li'l Sass (40 Minutes; 5W; 1M) In the country-western musical version of the classic Cinderella, our feisty heroine lassos the love of her life and dog-ties her wicked stepsisters.  Book and Lyrics by Lori Myers; Music by Ray Rhoads.

Royal Tea:  (40 minutes; 7 W) Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, et. at., dither!  Their d Fairy Godmother is threatening to retire!  What to do, what to do!!!!  By Cindy Cindy Dlugolecki; Music by Chris Purcell  

The Staff of Balthazar: (40 minutes 3W;4M; 5+M/F  Elspeth searches for her father who has been waylaid by thieves in a medieval forest, desperate for his return for Christmas.  An Abb0t and his band of carolers may have her answer.

Feathers in the Wind:  A whimsical musical weaving together a collection of Jewish folk tales about the the wise fools of Chelm into a single fable. As Rabbi Itzik searches the world for his scattered congregation, he recounts the rise and fall of his little village that proved time and again that "God loves the people of Chelm." Music by Errol Pearlman; Book and Lyrics by David Rush

Hymn to the Chesapeakea haunting tale of life among the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay--love, laughter, and hard times.  Book and Lyrics by Robert P. Arthur; Music-Traditional Folk Tunes

And Sarah Laughed:  This is not the Abraham and Sarah you thought you know.  As the wedding reception begins, Abraham's wife, Sarah, takes the stage doing a stand-up comedy act to rival the best wedding singer. Sarah's performance depicts her life's journey and what it is like to be married to Abraham.  For one or three actresses. Book and Lyrics by Gillette Elvgren;

Canterbury Tales:  Presented in this full length treatment are the Prologue, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Miller’s Tale, The Man of Law’s Tale, the Pardoner’s Tale and The Nun’s Priests Tale. This version was devised to be done by an ensemble of only 7-8 actors; this, combined with a musical score for a balladeer, makes for a visually exciting production.  Book and Lyrics by Gillette Elvgren