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Wowza Plays for Seniors!   Get your actors of a "certain age" out of their wheelchairs.  These one-act and full-length plays show seniors as they live exciting and sometimes precarious lives.   

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Plays for Actors of "a Certain Age."

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Friends & Relations by Evan Guillford-Blake
​Three one-acts with a with flexible cast of 5 - 10 characters

A Cold Day in Hell by Jan Quackenbush  A One-Man Show
Charlie makes a video to explain to his grown children why he is pulling the plug on his wife--their mother.  Does he go through with it or . . .?

45 - 90 Minutes:

The Unmasking of Yetta Breen: A dramedy by Mickey Coburn
Yetta's Breen's family expect her to remain "mama": dependent and indecisive. 
Yetta, however, surprises them and herself when the likker salesman arrives.
 Delightfully entertaining!

From the Backseat A family comedy in one act by Kay Rhoads 
On a road trip, Emma and Harold show that life is a continuing process of change and that we all deal with the challenges and fears in our own way

Shakespeare After School: A comedy in one act by D. D. Delaney 
Shakespeare Playing For Laughs; a comedy in one act by D. D. Delaney 
 Two 45-minute "plays within a play," offer a peek into the secret life of stage-struck and aging
 custodians Rudy Mahoney and Flo Berry, who—after school, pretend they are Shakespearean actors,

The Yellow Pearl: an adaptation of an Easter parable in one act by Jean Klein 
Eldad, a gem merchant, searches for a legendary pearl beyond. Throughout his travels—and travails—he encounters both the splendor and the baseness of humanity. 

15 - 30 Minutes

Attack at the Pierre Fontaine: A lively romp by Jan Quackenbush
A group of longtime friends are alarmed by the increasing dangers in the outside world. Together, they try to plan a defense strategy which will protect them all.

Birdwatchers: A slice-of-life comedy by B. A. Hite 
A shy and precise woman is paired with an outgoing, free-spirited writer in this delightful one act set in a forest during a search for the rare Ivory-billed Woodpecker. 

Bertha Doesn't Live Here Anymore takes us into the eerie world of possible illusion or delusion, or is it reality encountered the van driver/alternative press journalist of a rest home for elderly patients in a small Pennsylvania town.  Both funny and touching, this monologue can be read by several actors.  

A Chair: A senior comedy By B. A. Hite
An older couple is considering renting an apartment occupied by a “famous” person recently deceased. Together, they move to a new place. 

Cupid's Arrow reveals secrets and intrigue at the poolside of a retirement community when Belle makes a titillating discovery about her past.  

The Aviators: A comedy/drama, by John F. X. Delaney 
A retired Marine Corps pilot, Rory “Roar” McMahon, and squadron buddy, Austin “Toad” Campion, recently admitted to the Navy Regional Medical Center with a life threatening illness confront their last mission..

The Best is Yet to Be: A comedy by Jean H. Klein 
Emily Mason defies the rules as she faces life living with her son and his family.

Nightside: A comedy in one act by Jean H. Klein 
Harry Rosen fights the condemnation of his house and encounters an intruder who makes him confront his past.

Going to the Dogs by Pam Steadman an older sassy and brassy elitist and an aging bohemian vegan coming to grips with life in a 55+ retirement Mecca of Discontent. *“Irving,” a family dog, returns as deceased husband, Len

Old Friends by Evan Guilford-Blake:  Two widowed neighbors discover each other on a park bench in New York City; will this be a relationship or not?

The Baby by Evan Guilford-Blake: The arrival of a pregnant daughter at Mama's house brings potential for a change in their relationship. This story is presented in a unique story-telling fashion developed, in part, at the Chicago Dramatists Workshop.

 Strangers in the Night by Evan Guilford-Blake;  On the deck of a cruise ship, an "older" woman meets a young man who may or may not be what he seems.  

Short Shorts for Seniors:  A collection of 5 short plays for senior citizens by Ludmilla Bollow   Funny and touching at the same time, this collection of plays illustrate the drama that touches our everyday lives 
​10 - 15 Minutes  
($5.00 each)

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Individual Short-Shorts are available in e-copy only ($5.00 each) and may be ordered from the following drop-down box:  

Lamentations Of A Demented Old Woman: a wry monologue by P.A. Wray 
Considered a nuisance by the children who must care for her, a woman relies on her own inner strength to combat their lack of understanding and concern.

Going to the Dogs by Pam Steadman an older sassy and brassy elitist and an aging bohemian vegan coming to grips with life in a 55+ retirement Mecca of Discontent. *“Irving,” a family dog, returns as deceased husband, Len

Showers by John F. X. Delaney: A commandant from Dachau gets more than he bargained for from a Jewish prisoner of war who fought for Germany in WW I.

91366 by Lori Myers: A rebellious teenage girl confronts a Holocaust survivor in a tattoo parlor. 

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Collections Of Short Senior Plays 

New Collections of Short Shorts for Seniors

Independence Day 
by Marj O'Neill Butler

ElderPair, Courtship Comedies 
by Pat Montley

I Love Jack Kerouac 
by Jan Quackenbush

Short Shorts for Seniors 
by Ludmilla Bollow