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New Adaptations with timeless messages! Bring classic legends, fairy tale, and stories by classic authors to your stage or classroom:  the fables of Oscar Wilde, timeless fairy tales  (CinderellaSnow WhiteSleeping Beauty) and legends from around the world.  

All play scripts are available in both print copy and via email attachment sent within 24 hours of payment.  If you wish to purchase rights to make multiple copies or to produce the script, please contact us.

Also check out dramatic adaptations of classic plays and stories
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Cinderella by Mickey Coburn : This Cinderella is feisty and fiery and the dialog  is full of humor; the addition of two sprites – Junot and Julie – give additional casting possibilities for younger actors

Snow White by Mickey Coburn, adapted from the original Perrault tale.  Mandel, Mertel, Werther, Wenzel, Stoffel, Steffel, and Fritz:  These are not your standard dwarves! Add a Siamese Cat, a Skunk, a Lion, and three nutty hags, this play has a  contemporary feel with its humor, timeless charm, and a touch of “camp” that adults as well as children enjoy.

The Sleeping Beauty a rollicking original adaptation by Mickey Coburn.  Wicked Godmothers, good Godmothers, magicians, kings, clowns are fantastically woven into a delicious tale luxuriating with sorcery, processions, and whimsical escapades! 

The Selfish Giant by Gillette Elvgren.  A group of city kids  discover a beautiful house and garden in the middle of their cement and broken glass environment. But they are chased off by the selfish giant, Gorgon, who places a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate. Will they conquer this giant and find an oasis of peace?

Prince Hedgehog by Roy Booth: a Prince is born as a hedgehog who has a remarkable scientific but troublesome bent.  Will his desperate father and mother ever see his transformation in human form?

Moral of the Story by Valetta Anderson combines  an ancient Ibo (northern Nigeria) legend and Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare framed as a live television broadcast of the famous race.  Will the underdog still be victorious?  Stay turned!

The Lovely Red Flower A comic morality tale by Roy Booth about the relative values of sloth and industry among a group of greedy monkeys who get their comeuppance.

Participatory Plays for Younger Audiences

Baba Yaga Acts Up!  An interactive touring show for young audiences by Mickey Coburn.  In six short plays, Baba Yaga, the infamous Russian Witch, wreaks havoc and laughter in:  Turnips; The Eyes Have It; Magic Shoes; The Overcrowded House; The Mixed Up Toys; and  Holiday Happiness.

Herschel and Happy  by Mickey Coburn.  A participatory tale of two wandering rascals can’t stay out of mischief. Their antics are reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh and The Three Stooges.  

The Snow Queen  by Gillette Elvgren We follow the adventures of the young girl Gerda as she strives to free her best friend Kay from the icy grip of the Snow Queen. She battles the elements, escapes from a robbers den, is helped by a variety of both human and animal characters. (The audience-participation elements may be eliminated for older audiences.)

Play Titles
Play Titles