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Also, check out adaptations of fairy tales and legends.  

New Adaptations with timeless messages! Bring the Classics to your stage or classroom: legends, fairy tale, stories and plays by classic authors:  Shakespeare:  (Macbeth for Kids, Reverse Hamlet, The Tempest); Oscar Wilde; Chaucer; Ibsen, and other including timeless fairy tales  (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) and legends.  
Classics Adapted

30 - 50 minutes

​4 Shakespeare classics adapted by 
Gillette Elvgren for elementary and middle school.  

adapted from William Shakespeare for children ages 6-12. by Gillette Elvgren 

Retold for Young Audiences by Gillette Elvgren 

an adaptation of Shakespeare's romance for youth by Gillette Elvgren

a 45-minute comedy with scenes from Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet for highschool by D. D. DeLaney

another 45 minute comedy with scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream. The Winter's Tale, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Merchant of Venice for high school by D. D. DeLaney

 A One-Act comedy by George Freek which addresses the old question: What is Hamlet Really about? Critics for years have argued about how to interpret Shakespeare's HAMLET. This one-act comedy suggests some rather unusual answers.Won 2nd place in the 2009 Stage Door Productions One Act Play Festival.

Romeo and Juliet (for teens and classroom) adapted by Robyn Hilt. Let your students experience this love-gone-wrong story in one class period.  Multiple male and female roles to engage your entire class with possible doubling for smaller classes.

(60 - 90 minutes)

The Concise Dickens’ Christmas CarolA 50-minute tour-de-force for one or more actors which brings Dickens’ classic powerfully to life with minimal props and staging, by D. D. Delaney 

The Chimesan adaption of the Dickens New Year's tale by Jean Klein  Toby Veck, an impoverished London porter,  challenges London's financial aristocracy and an array of phantoms in a church bell tower to seek fair treatment for his daughter.   

Oliver Twistadapted from the Charles Dickens favorite by Mickey Coburn  This lively play has been performed internationally both on stage and in the classroom.  

(30 - 45 minutes)

The Deada one-act adaptation from Joyce’s “The Dubliners”  in which Dublin's past overwhelms the present of Gabriel Conroy.  By David Klein 

Evelinea one-act adaptation from Joyce’s "The Dubliners" ; a young woman seeks to free herself from her tyrannical father.  By  David Klein 

The Boarding Housea one-act adaptation from Joyce’s "The Dubliners"; a mother is determined to secure her daughter's marriage, even if she needs a cleaver.  By David Klein 
Other Classic Authors


Geoffrey Chaucer: Canterbury Tales by Gillette Elvgren. This stage adaptation brings the humor of this classic pilgrimage to life.  Available as a script and as a play with music)

Henrik Ibsen:  Enemy of the People by Jean Klein. The comedy and satire of the original is restored to this adaptation to highlight the social damage wreaked when greed and egotism do combat at the expense of society. The economic and ecological problems experienced by a 19th Century Norwegian town are alive and well today.

Charles Chestnutt: The Passing Of Grandison by Jean Klein A slaves shows up his master in this farcical comedy by one of America's early African-American authors. 

Phaedra A Mythic Drama In 7 Scenes by Robert P. Arthur  
Phaedra performed first for the general public and then for an invited VIP audience from foreign embassies in Washington D.C. It won six Port Folio awards, including Best Play. It is best described as a post-modern play in contemporary English poetry. Through based on the well-known Phaedra story of ancient origin, it is an original work, not an adaptation or translation; nor is it written in traditional verse. Further, it has no artistic debt to any contemporary work.


Oscar Wilde: The Selfish Giant by Gillette Elvgren. This adventure tells the enchanting story of a group of city kids who discover a beautiful house and garden in the middle of their cement and broken glass environment. But they are chased off by the selfish giant, Gorgon, who places a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate.

Hans Christian Anderson:  The Snow Queen  by Gillette Elvgren. We follow the adventures of the young girl Gerda as she strives to free her best friend Kay from the icy grip of the Snow Queen. She battles the elements, escapes from a robbers den, is helped by a variety of both human and animal characters. (The audience-participation elements may be eliminated for older audiences.)


MoliereThe Hypochondriac adapted by George Freek. Human nature is revealed and pilloried in this one-hour comedy skewering the medical profession, a narcissistic patient, and his conniving wife. Argand, stuffs himself with medicine and surrounds himself with medical experts. Convinced of his own imaginary ill but not wanting to pay the bills incurred by his delusion  

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