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Plays for With Issues for Our Times for Adults and Teens

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Comedies and dramas, these plays illuminate some aspect of our social or political condition and our ability or inability to cope with increasing violence, domestic upheavals in all parts of the world.  It is our belief that art of all kinds leads us to a better place--but especially theater.  As an audience we can laugh and cry together.  As performers, we connect with the audience in healing ways. 

 All play scripts are available in both print copy and via email attachment sent within 24 hours of payment. If you wish to purchase rights to make multiple copies or to produce the script, please contact us at Blue Moon Plays.
Our History


A Colonial Christmas by Gillette Elvgren: a comically dysfunctional family is transported back to Christmas Eve, 1776 where they meet up with General George Washington crossing the Delaware and discover the Christmas roots and traditions they had lost.Through the use of a magical old barrel organ this comically dysfunctional family is transported back to Christmas Eve, 1776 where they meet up with General George Washington as he is considering crossing the Delaware.
Characters: 13+  9M,4F, Carolers (doubling possible)

She’ll Find Her Way Home by Valetta Anderson:  a love story of the founders of Mound Bayou, Mississippi. She’ll Find Her Way Home is a fictionalized account of the courtship of Martha and Isaiah Montgomery, the historical founders of the African-American town of Mound Bayou, Mississippi.  “Like August Wilson's scenes of blacks at home and at leisure, these moments have the natural, artless flow of life itself. And below the easygoing horseplay, the historical context creates an undertow of suspense, for these are the lonely advance scouts on a perilous journey from slavery into an alien white world.” (Dan Hulbert, Theater Critic, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, February 6, 1991. )

Nat's Last Struggle by P. A. Wray--a one act African American drama, played to acclaim at the Earl Hamner Theater and The Venue at 35th. Was Nat Turner a villain? A heroic freedom fighter?  


The Aviators by John F.X. Delaney: Four former WW II bomber pilots reconvene to fly their last unworldly mission.

91336 by Lori M. Myers, the daughter of Holocaust survivors. A young girl in search of independence finds more than she expected from encountering an elderly woman in a tattoo parlor.

Oregon Fever, by David Rush: Joshua Blanchard is poised to leave Kansas to head west on the Oregon Trail, in l835. On this climactic day, several events happen to change his and his family's life

Contemporary Challenges
For Teens and Adults


Group S. O. S by Bonnie Culver consists of two companion plays: male and female versions of a therapy group for survivors of sexual abuse.  From all walks of life, these characters meet, clash with, and eventually work to bring comfort to one another. The language and delicacy with which the subject matter is handled make it accessible to high school and college students, a number of whom, statistically, have probably experienced some of the situations in the plays. 
Characters: 5 (M or F)

Enemy of the People adapted by Jean Klein: Cut but uncensored! This version of Enemy of the People is prophetic social comedy.  Satirically, it sends the naive optimism of Dr. Thomas Stockmann to joust with the greed and pragmatism of his brother, the mayor as the environment of a small, seaside community dependent on tourist dollars is threatened.
Characters: 9+  7M, 2F, Citizens


I Am the Brother of Dragons by Gillette Elvgren.  Using 4 chairs and masks, the actors dramatize a family struggling with drug abuse.  Highly theatrical and simple to produces as a touring show.
Characters:  4 (2M, 2F)

Ophelia Lives! by Gilette Elvgren.  A young girl is driven to consider suicide by forces in her school.
Characters: 5 (3M, 2F)

All Dressed Up  by Gillette Elvgren is concerned with sexual activity in the high school arena.
Characters: 7 (5M, 2F doubling possible)

​Drop Out by Gillette Elvgren

Three Long Days by Gillette Elvgren