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Hot-Off-the-Press Plays

These scripts will range from plays looking for additional workshop/development situations to plays that have had an off-Broadway run.  They will all share one commonality--an edginess in their use of the stage or in their view of the world.  If you're looking for a premiere, this will be the place to find it.

Humans Remain by Robin Rice Lichtig  5F, 2M (plus 1F dancer). Full-length drama. Mostly African-American cast. A well- meaning "foreigner" attempts to rescue the White Cliff Kinfolk - a mixed-race family isolated from civilization in the hills of New Jersey for over 200 years. Love. Death. History. Magic. Nature. Belief. The Spirit of Africa. The White Cliff Kinfolk is an extended family composed of escaped slaves, escaped prisoners, all sorts of social rejects going back 200 years. (They are based on actual people, the Ramapo Mountain People.) When an outsider discovers the family and wants to expose their whereabouts to the world (and thereby "save" them), their peaceful existence is threatened.

Winner: New Millennium Competition. Chosen for Lark residency (NYC), Karamu House (Cleveland) Reverie and Moondance International Film Festival finalist; Reva Shiner semi-finalist. "A big play with a big heart" - Steven McKinley Henderson 

SNIPER by Bonnie Culver

Successfully disturbing, from the sound of the first gunshot in the first minute, through to the last moment when a last rose (an image throughout the play) is revealed to the audience, Sniper does not provide any answers. But it does provide an undeniable sketch of one Anthony Vaccaro, an intelligent teen-ager whose breakdown involves murdering eight people. 

 Set in 1974, this play is based on real-life sniper Anthony Barbaro. The seventeen year-old Barbaro was a Regents scholar in Olean, New York when he took two guns to a third floor window in his high school, and made history as the first of many (37 as of the year 2000) documented school shootings in the United States. _ from Curtain Up

Screwtape Rewired  by Gillette Elvgren: a "sequel" to C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. One of the most prolific and produced Christian playwrights, Elvgren brings the original into the 21st Century with a steam punk atmosphere and jousting demons. 

"Visit with Wormwood and his protégé Dismal as they struggle with spiritual warfare set imaginatively within a Steam Punk hell. Much like the original source [The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis] the play is satirical, humorous and thought-provoking, but unlike the original, this version has songs and sword fights."  Heather Barkley,  
Feathers in the Wind : a whimsical musical weaving together a collection of Jewish folk tales about the the wise fools of Chelm into a single fable. As Rabbi Itzik searches the world for his scattered congregation, he recounts the rise and fall of his little village that proved time and again that "God loves the people of Chelm."  

"...With hints of Fiddle On The Roof’s and traditional Jewish musical styles, Feathers In The Wind (world premiere) has a whimsical, celebratory feel that is enjoyable. Filled with those mythical “wise fools” from the mythical village of Chelm and lead my their Rabbi Itzik, played by Kenneth Z. Kendall with charm to spare, sprinkling eyes and fine voice, the show is a showcase for nine young talented performers." Tom Williams, TheaterInChicago
Night Hawks

There Was A Stone in My Sister's Old Shoe Ouch!