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Comedies, Dramas &  Classic Adaptations for children, teens, adults, and seniors; Plays for Our Times; Original Scripts for Premieres; Monologues and 1-Person Shows

  Classic Adaptations or 
Fairy Tales and Legends   

Cinderella, Snow White,  The Snow Queen, Canterbury Tales,  Macbeth for Kids; Reverse Hamlet.  Ride in a theatrical time machine: Nat Turner facing mortality; A one-man Christmas Carol.

Once in a blue moon, you find a play that transforms your life, makes you want to change the world, find the lover you lost on the boardwalk 20 years ago,  feel outrage for the underdogs of the world, jump up and down with joy,  wish you had been kinder to your sister, laugh until your sides ache.  Our comedies and dramas reach all audiences from high school seniors to seniors who are retired but ready to rumble; tackle contemporary issues; feature new plays looking for a second light or a workshop production. There are more blue moons out there in the sky than one would think.
playscripts for seniors, short plays for seniors, senior characters, senior actors, senior retimement facilties
Plays for Our Times!  

Plays for adults and teens tackle tackle  important issues: teen peer pressure, suicide, teen pregnancy, molestation, and drug use, as well as  ecology, corporate greed, prejudice, and moral issues.
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Gillette Elvgren's 
 for youth -- 
great for teen 
drama groups and, with audience participation,  for children ages 6 - 12.  Each play is framed by a story easily played by teen actors and geared to teen audiences.
Shakespeare for children, Shakepeare, children, comedy, participatory plays for children
Monologues Galore

Characters from history (Eva Braun, Sigmund Freud,Harriett Tubman)
Biblical characters (Mary Magdalene, The Witch of Endor, Adam, Aaron, the Fast Talker)
 One-Man Shows (Scrooge, Nat Turner)  

 Plays for teens and young adults
 that dramatize contemporary issues--
peer pressure, drug abuse, molestation, 
thoughts of suicide.  

Ophelia Lives!: a teen sees suicide as her only answer
Group S.O.S (male version/female versions): members of a group therapy session clash over memories of prior sexual abuse.
I Am the Brother of Dragons: masks and props portray this family's inability to see their son's drug problems.
NEW! Lost and Found: Eight teenagers laugh and cry as they tell their personal stories about growing up gay,lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.

Both electronic and print formats

by Marsha Lee Sheiness
LGBTQ. gay teens, sexual identity, gender identitoy
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Breaking News! 

 HaveScripts and Blue Moon Plays are merging to give you access to a wide range of theater. Shortly, we will be coming to you with a brand new e-commerce site that will be easier to search for comedies, dramas, musicals, and monologues to suit your theater.  

HaveScripts will continue to bring you the latest in educational drama: adaptations of classics and original dramas that highlight the issues challenging teens today, as well as plays and monologues that speak to the both the spiritual and senior communities.

Blue Moon Plays is developing a venue for plays destined for the professional and regional theater market place. The plays that will find a fit with Blue Moon are 

  • Award-winning scripts that have had significant productions at Off-Off- Broadway or Regional Theaters or
  • Scripts that have been workshopped and are looking for further development

Be the first to find the next new hit to find legs in the dramatic community.  

We will still offer the same quality of scripts and writers as we always have during this transition. Keep in touch. If you wish to be informed when our new site is ready to open, please sign up for our newsletter. We promise not to pester you more than once a month. But we will be sending information on new plays and offering discounts or freebies for your theater.  

HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays will also be hosting 2 blogs, one which will allow you to learn about and even communicate with the writers, many of whom are actors and directors. The other will be tips, suggestions and links to help make your next production your best.

As we make this transition, you can still reach us at either site. Our latest release, Distant Survivors, is listed above.   

Plays for Premieres

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Hot-Off-The-Press Plays
Edgy comedy or drama.  
Controversial theater!
 New, provocative plays 
hot off the press ​

Distant Survivors
by June Prager

based on the poetry of
William Heyen

Conceived and adapted for the stage by director June Prager, Distant Survivors is based on poetry by William Heyen. The inspiration for this play came from several volumes of Holocaust poetry by William Heyen – Erika; Falling from Heaven; and Shoah Train. He has created a most prolific and powerful body of work on the subject, confronting man's attempt to fathom the evil that spurred it, the responsibility for that evil, and insight into the nature of man. 

Given the rise of anti-Semitism across the globe and the increase of attacks, verbal and physical, against Jews as well as other ethnic groups, we cannot afford to forget. In this poetic drama, we see the past through the eyes of a German-American who looks back on his ancestral heritage and tries to come to terms with it.